Tacoma Light Show & Stocking Stuffer Network

Are you on the map yet? Get on the map!

email: info@tacomacandy.com

Blue Pins: Houses with particularly spiffy holiday light displays, you know you want to be one of them.

Red Pins: Houses that have volunteered to leave out stocking stuffers for Tacoma kids starting at 4:30pm on December 24th

Green Pins: Houses with both lights and stuffers

Brown Pins: Food is Free tables, we encourage the community to take from and donate non-perishables and produce to these tables during their holiday lights tours.

Turn-by-turn Routes on Google Maps

(I will add more neighborhoods as we navigate them, feel free to send feedback & suggestions to info@tacomacandy.com)

Ruston and NW Tacoma

North Tacoma & Stadium



For more information on this community-generated project, for ideas and resources, please visit our facebook group here.

If you want to be part of this, WE WANT YOU TO BE PART OF THIS! Email us at info@tacomacandy.com